Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 2 – Trading Guide

Just some simple rules people can follow to improve trading, it should help until something is officially added.

Guide to Trading

Six rules for trading

  1. If you’re trading a Navi chip, trade the other version equivalent, like trading the 4th Navi chip from Gregar which I believe is Eraseman with the 4th Navi chip from Falzar which I believe is Groundman. This generally shouldn’t be necessary since you can use patch cards to get every Navi chip, unless you want some duplicates of a chip.
  2. Trade Navi chips that have the same level, base Navi chip for base Navi chip, EX for EX, and Sp for SP.
  3. If you aren’t trading a Navi chip, trade the same type of chip, breaker chip for breaker chip, fire chip for fire chip, etc. such as trading an air hockey 1 chip for a golem hot 1 chip.
  4. If you aren’t trading a Navi chip, still trade the same level. Like a Reflector 2 for a Machine Gun 2.
  5. Don’t trade the same thing or something they already have or can easily get, this one is kind of obvious but for instance don’t give a Falzar player Dustman SP since they can easily get it with buster max mode on or from playing through the story or don’t trade someone a WWW Navi chip since you can easily farm those as well.
  6. This is the most difficult tip to follow, so feel free to ignore it but generally try to give chips from the same area to prevent silly things like a Wide Sword chip for a Summon Black chip.

Hopefully this helps with trading.

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