MEGAJUMP – Unlock Dev Mode for Teleporting

In this guide I GUIDE you (xD) through activating Dev Mode for MEGAJUMP.

Unlocking Devmode

  • Press “Windows + r” and type %appdata%
  • Navigate backwards 1 level so you are in the AppData folder
  • Open LocalLow
  • Open laptopGaming

In here you need to create a text file called Commands and paste the following code:

"Devmode" : {
"__type" : "System.Boolean",
"value" : true

It is very important that you type EXACLY that and that the File name is “Commands” spelled exactly like that or it wont work.

Save the Text file but remove the .txt from the file.

Now whenever you load into a level you will have Devmode active.

To deactivate Devmode you just change the name of the file.

While Dev mode is Active you can press J to set a teleport point and spam K to teleport back to it.

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