Megaquarium – Elevated Tank Guide

This guide will help you understand how to use the elevated tanks.

Guide to Elevated Tank

Welcome to the Next Level

Welcome to this short tutorial of how to use the Elevated Tank mod.

Through this mod its now possible to have 2 tanks on top of each other.

As you can see, fully decorated and fish swimming in both tanks. I shall now explain how to use it and show what can be done with it.


So what can you do exactly? well stuff like this:

The obvious one, place a tank underneath it.

Hide those all important machines under it.

Perhaps create a nice resting area under it.

Or perhaps use it to create a hallway.

As you can see there are plenty of creative options to use with this new mod.

For visitors the best way(and ofc pleasing to the eye to see them) is to use bridges.

This gives the bridges an extra usage.

The building kit of mine also provides a few bridges without railing so you can let your creative mind go wild.

How to Use It?

Its important to know about scenery with these tanks.

The tanks are programmed that all scenery you want to place will go to the top one.

As you can from the screenshot above.

So in order to make it possible to use both fully decorated read further

  1. First place both tanks seperately and decorate them however you want.
  2. Select one of the tanks and move it direct under it (or part of it, depending on how you want to design it).

That’s it, you’re done, if you followed this simple guide you now have something like this:

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