Men of War: Assault Squad 2 – How to Make a Battle in Editor (Super Easy Explanation)

Hello, I am going to explain on how to make a battle the easiest way I can.

Explanatory Guide to Make a Battle in Editor

All credit goes to Gorx Ba Dorx!

How to Make a Battle

When you launch Men of War 2 in the launch options choose editor, once editor is loaded up press Esc, click load, choose single and choose the map you want and press ok, once the map is loaded up press F6 and choose the weather you want, once you chose the weather you desire press ok.

To place down units you need to press F3, go to human, MP and choose the army you want, press Numlock to be able to use the Numpad keys so you can give your units assigned colors so they can fight eachother in battle, with your unit selected select a Numpad color you want so you can place it in on the ground once you have given it a color. You can see the square box at the top left corner of the screen changing colors as you select numpad keys, choose the desired color you want for your first army.

Once you have placed the desired units on the ground you can now choose another Numpad color for the enemy army. Both teams must be different colors or they wont fight each other, for example Numpad 1 is for Red team while Numpad 2 is for Green team which will fight each other.

If you want vehicles then while you are in F3 go to vehicles and you can choose the desired vehicle you want, make sure they are assigned the correct color for that team or they will fight eachother, for the tank to operate you need to give it drivers so in order to do that place the desired crew to drive it, press F1, select the drivers and right click the tank and they will get in to operate it.

Once you are ready press F1, at the bottom right corner of the screen press start and the battle will begin. Congrats, you just started your first battle in editor.

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