Meow Express – How to Skip Stage Fast

Guide to Skip Stage Fast

You do not move up or down while dashing forward with the D key, use this and use it to pass fast narrow areas.

Make sure to collect the balloons in the first 2 stages and visit 2 shields, as the first 2 stages are safer and easier, you can devote your focus to this.

If you collect 5 balloons (or less upgrades) while you have 2 shields, the balloons will turn into money and it will be more difficult to collect your shield in case of possible shield loss.

To pass a stage, you must have 6 passenger cats and get them to the stop, so you can think of a stage as 7 stops.

When you have 2 shields and get used to the game, start paying attention to the balconies.

Focus on the balconies ahead, not the balloons, so you can see the jumping cats on the balconies.

When you get the jumping cats, you can go one stop less and go to the stage.

Thus, you will have to play 4 or 5 stops to pass a stage and you will pass the stage faster.

I hope it will make it easier for you to get 2 5 10 stage achievements.

Thank you if you’ve read this far, good game to all of you.

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