MergeCrafter – List of Enchantments

Please note: all credit goes to DrKain!

A list of the available enchantments for tools in Merge Crafter and what they do.

Enchantment List


These are the available enchantments for tools in Merge Crafter.

I’ve used X for percentages and damage numbers because these change based on the tool and enchant level.


These are the following enchantments available in the game. Some enchantments are locked until your camp has been upgraded.

You unlock new enchantments at camp levels 5, 12 and 19.

The rarity is based on the chance you have of receiving the enchantment when enchanting a tool. For exact percentages click the question mark ? next to the “Enchant” button in-game.


  • Rarity: Uncommon

This [Tool] has a X% chance of dealing an extra X damage when striking breakables that are alone. (No other breakables, including grass, within 3 squares).

Chain Lightning

  • Rarity: Rare


  • Rarity: Common

When reduced to 0 durability, this [Tool] has a 100% chance of exploding, dealing X damage to all breakables within 3 squares.


  • Rarity: Rare

When this [Tool] destroys the last heart on a breakable, if there are any other breakables within 3 squares, it will begin breaking one of them, gaining 0.15% swing speed until it next rests.


  • Rarity: Very Common

Every X times this [Tool] is struck by a hammer while on an anvil, it will release a healing pulse, repairing at least X damage for all tools within 2 squares.


  • Rarity: Common

When this [Tool] destroys the last heart on a breakable, it has a X% chance of repairing itself for at least X durability.


  • Rarity: Very Common

When this [Tool] lands a critical hit, there is a X% chance it will gain a protective shield protecting it from all durability loss for X seconds if it doesn’t already have one.


  • Rarity: Uncommon

When striking a breakable, this [Tool] has a X% chance of summoning a whirlwind, dealing X damage to all breakables within 2 squares.


Enchantments will be upgraded when two tools with the same level enchantment are merged.

For example, an [iron axe] with Brutal I merged with another [iron axe] with Brutal I will result in a [heavy iron axe] with Brutal II.

Personally I find Steadfast to be the most useful enchantment at endgame, combined with a speed and strength potion.

I hope this guide helped.

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