Mess Quest – Dark Levels Tips

This guide will hopefully help you to deal better with dark levels.

Tips to Dark Levels


Since it can be pretty annoying to deal with the dark parts of the levels, I want to give you some tips that will hopefully make your game experience even more chill.

General Advice

The main problem is that you have to transfer every single one lantern from your van to desire spot separately. You can optimize this process if you fill your trash can with lanterns. After this you can bring the trash can where you need your lanterns to be. If you kick the trash can, all this lanterns will land on the ground ready to use. How many lanterns you can transport with this method depends on your trash can upgrades.

So, now you have a lot of lanterns on one spot and you still have to clean your way through to put your lantern further ahead, or… you can place a lantern near you and kick it in the desired direction. It still won’t get you as much lightened space, but it is better than the normal way.

Beware not to kick the same lantern twice or you will break them.

Museum Level

The last level is quite large and dark, and you would need a lot, really a lot of lanterns to light the whole place up. But once you get to the server/security room and put out the fire, it will restore the power/light in the whole building. You don’t actually need to clean up the whole way to the server room, you can go straight ahead at the beginning of the level. Just grab a lantern from your van and follow the map below. You will need to move some corpses on your way up, but it is not a big deal.

After restoring the power, you can start to clean up the museum from above. You will find the janitor room right besides the server room. The dumpster is also above, but on the right side of the building.

Also notice that the game can crash once you reach 95-96% complete progress on the museum level. If you haven’t saved your progress before this, you will need to start the level again.

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