Meta World: My City – Basic Office Guide

Guide to Office Basics

Avatar & Wardrobe

Access the [Wardrobe] by selecting the [T-shirt] button located at the bottom left corner of the main screen.

In the Wardrobe, you can dress up your Avatar with various costumes that you have, and purchase new costumes from the Costume Shop.

Up to 3 Avatar presets can be saved in the Wardrobe for your convenience.

Main Features

My Wardrobe

  • You can view all your costumes including tops, bottoms, shoes, full outfits, socks, hairstyles, hats, and accessories here.

Zoom In / Zoom Out

  • Zoom in or out for a better view of your Avatar equipped with the costumes.

Costume Shop

  • Costumes sold in this Shop are purchasable with Blue Diamonds. Purchased costumes can be used permanently.

Change Appearance

  • Use an Appearance Changer to reset your Avatar’s appearance.


All records obtained while playing the game will be recorded in Achievements.

Complete various achievements while enjoying the game!

Access your [Achievements] by selecting the [Medal] button located at the bottom left corner of the main screen.

There are 4 categories in achievements: Tutorial, Normal, Game, and Real Estate.

Obtain various rewards such as Blue Diamonds, Character Summon Tickets, and Costumes when you complete each achievement.

Also, receive an Achievement Bonus when you complete all achievements under the same group.


Gold, an important commodity that can be acquired in the game, is a currency mainly used for character card upgrades and board games. It is also used for structure repairs, editing structure appearances, merging land, and changing structure names in Meta World.

You can acquire Gold in Meta Island through different methods, such as daily rewards, achievement rewards, events, and board game victories. Additionally, it can also be purchased using Blue Diamonds or crystals in the Shop.

Gold is used to pay the entrance fee required to participate in a board game, and the amount of gold needed varies by channel.

If you win the board game, you will receive gold as part of the Win Reward and the amount depends on the entrance fee paid (Excludes some fees.).

Gold is an important commodity used to upgrade character cards. It is recommended that you acquire as much gold as you can by playing board games strategically!


In the game, Diamonds are divided into two types: Red Diamonds and Blue Diamonds. Blue Diamond is a currency that is widely used in the game mainly for purchasing items, summoning characters, building real estate structures instantly, and purchasing Construction Time Decrease Tickets. Red Diamonds, on the other hand, are used as a currency to exchange for Blue Diamonds and Crystals.

Blue Diamonds can be acquired through purchasing currencies in the Shop, rewards from the Meta World Pass, as well as Rank Rewards in the board game. They can be used in various places, including board game channel openings, Appearance Changer tickets, and costume purchases.

Red Diamonds can be obtained through purchasing currencies in the Shop, and they can be exchanged for Blue Diamonds or Crystals, which are used in Meta World, through the Blue Diamond Exchange.

You can exchange Red Diamonds for Blue Diamonds and use them in various places through the [Shop] [Blue Diamond Exchange] menu.


Crystal is a currency that is mainly used in Real Estate Draws, Auctions, real estate purchases, Legendary Character Summons, Character Card Promotions, and passive skill changes, etc.

There are several ways to obtain Crystals. You can exchange your Red Diamonds for Crystals at the [Shop] [Currencies] [Crystal Exchange], or you can acquire them through winning in Champion Channels

Please note that at the Crystal Exchange in the Shop, you can only exchange Red Diamonds for Crystals.

Meta Cash

Meta Cash is primarily used for ‘Meta World’ content.

It can be used for Real Estate Transactions and acquired through Real Estate Reward.

If your investor grade increases, the currency received as today’s reward may change to Meta Cash, and the amount exchangeable for INETRIUM may also vary.

How to check the Investor Grade:

  • Main screen → Select [My Info] in the top left corner → [Investor Grade]

Meta Cash Acquisition Method

Method: Condition

  • Real Estate Reward: Investor Grade A- & above
  • Real Estate Transaction: Real Estate Value worth more than a certain amount of Crystals

Acquired Meta Cash can be used for land and real estate purchases in the Real Estate Trading Center, or for Auction and Real Estate Draw participations.

Depending on operational circumstances, the method of providing Meta Cash may be subject to change.

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