METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE – How to Beat Monsoon (No Damage)

Please note: all credit goes to MidNight!

At this guide you will find the answer: how to beat this.

Guide to Beat Monsoon

Basics Control

Monsoon is a boss that you cannot parry, you need only dodge his attacks, block + block + block.
Before start the boss fight better have Electromagnetic grenade they’ll help you with his “magnetic” mode.

Ok basic controls (Game Pad):

  • A + Stick to the enemy or attack – block.
  • A + B + STICK left/back/right – dodge.
  • LB – to use Utility (Grenade).

Very important to stop attack animation tap blade mode and jump back this will help you when this throw his “Smokes”.

Tactic and Life Hacks

Tactic Is Easy

Block all monsoon attacks and when he stop then attack him!

He have some special attacks that you can miss:

When he jumps and you dont see him it means he made jump attack.

Also Hard attack to dodge its smoke attack, he doing this type of attack after another attack.

  • To dodge he always attack from left side (if you watching on the building).

When he move his hands up like this:

It means he will trow it – to dodge press blade mode for a second and jump away by A + B.

After he trows smoke dodge all attacks, or he will damage you, this boss cannot be parry!

When you damage him to (hard mode was) 60, 40, 30*, 10 % he will trow at you vehicles, heli and other sh&t, just go blade mode and spam Vertical + Horizontal type of attack

At 30*% he start trow at you spinning piece of everything Undodgable Use ninja run and run from left corner to the right, and dont stay close to this “magic piece of sh@t” because it trow explosives barrels

At low hp typical QWE just dont miss the buttons.


Dont even try to attack him when Monsoon in “magnet mode” at this you need EM grenade.

Trow one to him wait blade mode icon and cut to the square, that will easily stop his “mode”.

Best Way to Beat Him Practice!

Yes I told you some life hacks but best way to beat him its practice.

So, good luck.

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