Metal: Hellsinger – How to Never Miss a Slaughter

Tired of accidentally killing an enemy instead of slaughtering when you needed the health and / or wanted to change positions? Annoyed with keeping track of damage done when fighting many enemies at once, or do you just hate counting? You’ve come to the right place!

How Don’t Miss Slaughter

All credit goes to Johan!

The Trick

By tapping your slaughter binding very slightly before each shot, you will automatically trigger a slaughter whenever it’s available. Since nothing happens when the slaughter isn’t available, you otherwise shoot just like normal, since the slaughter input was ignored.

The timing needs to feel almost simultaneous, sort of like you’re “rolling” across the keys, so that both the slaughter and the shot would still be in sync to the beat. Imagine you’d have two big buttons – the timing is what you’d get if you roll your finger across the buttons in one motion, hitting the slaughter button first and then the shoot button.

It’s probably easiest to bind slaughter to a key on your mouse, since you will end up tapping slaughter together with the shots a lot. To get used to it, try to do Voke with the pistols while doing this on every beat (never shoot or slaughter separately – do the entire level with only this slaughter -> shoot method) and see if you can make the slaughters trigger every time they’re on screen without having to pay attention to them.

The slaughter mastery torments are another good place to try it out and will make beating the final one significantly easier, since you easily land slaughters on the big enemies.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you’re used to it, it takes away the mental load of having to keep track of how many hits an enemy has taken, since you automatically slaughter on beat each time instead of accidentally killing them. It can be a bit disorienting to land some slaughters that you didn’t even notice, so I wouldn’t necessarily do it all the time.

Option Selects

The “trick” is a type of option select for those familiar with fighting games. Here’s a video that explains in more detail.

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