Metal Max Xeno Reborn – Wolf Ownership Guide

Want the iconic tank without taking the long route? Willing to poke the final boss to make it happen? I have a guide for you!

Madman’s Guide to Wolf Ownership


As this guide involves breaking through two endgame debris piles, you’ll need a weapon with 3000 attack power to pull off this little heist. In Hard difficulty onward, you can get one as early as Gun Taurus if you can get your hands on its beam cannon.

For a smooth escape from the battle that you’re thrown into past the first debris pile, you’ll want to leave any party members behind in Iron Base.

If any living party member is within Catastropus’s line of sight, any other party member can be targeted and hit regardless of cover, potentially damaging or fully wrecking your debris buster of choice or the tank you’re using to wield it.

I’m not certain if you can leave Pochi behind, and the dog’s just too brave to turn tail and run, so if you have the dog, it’ll have to die first.

The Guide Itself

The first debris pile to break through is right across from Iron Base (Though not shown in this image due to already being destroyed).

You may want to unequip the weapon you used to ensure it’s not destroyed/damaged in the next step.

Pass through the gap opened by its destruction, and you’ll be thrown into combat against Catastropus.

Defend/guard or run, but flee backwards to your left and hide behind a shipping container in the corner. This should put you out of Catastropus’s sight, and end combat.

Carefully inch your way out to the point shown, equip your weapon, and take aim at the debris pile just above you. It’s got the same resistance as the previous debris pile, so the gun you used to get through the first one should cut through it, too.

Entering the area the way you just did doesn’t spawn any other enemies, so it’s a pretty peaceful trip through the wharf from here (Though it should be noted that Catastropus will aggro again as you drive through the gap from the second set of debris, and can fire off a few shots at you as you try to navigate your way through this area.).

As an added benefit to the lack of enemies, all the crates, scrap, and metal detector spots in this region are free for you to loot uncontested, which should net you a good chunk of gear to kit out your new tank.

Drive all the way to the area transition spot, and the Wolf is under a building on your right once you’ve passed through the loading screen. Enjoy the tank!

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