MewnBase – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A guide to get all achievements in the MewnBase game.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Pawfessional Space-Cat

  • Complete your first mission

This achievement is incredibly simple and won’t take too long. Complete your first mission and leave the planet to unlock it.

Each mission has a randomly decided time you must survive (such as 28 days), and after the amount of days required to survive, you can launch off the planet using your lander. Don’t worry if you liked your planet or base – you can always load your save back up after leaving, and it’ll be just like you left it.

Galactic Explorer

  • Complete 10 missions

This is another simple achievement, but it’ll take a while to do as you’ll need to complete 10 entire missions. Best way to get this one is to play the game normally and enjoy yourself surviving planets.

Nap All Day

  • Complete a Long Night mission

To get this achievement, you must complete a long night mission. When starting a new mission, click “World Settings” at the bottom of the selection menu, and change the “Day/Night” setting to “Long Night”.

Long night missions are a bit harder than normal missions, as the title implies, so make sure you’re used to normal gameplay before attempting one.

Furever Dark

  • Complete an Only Night mission

This achievement is similar to “Nap All Day”, however this time you’ll need to complete an “Only Night” mission, using the same method to change the “Day/Night” setting.

Be prepared – you’ll find only night missions far more difficult of a challenge than normal and long night missions.

Still Visiting

  • Survive for 25 days

This achievement is dead simple: survive for 25 days in one mission and you’ll unlock it. This is the easier of the two to get, as most missions generated require you to survive longer than 25 days.

In for the Long Haul

  • Survive for 50 days

This mission is a lot more time consuming but otherwise as straight forward as “Still Visiting”. Just survive for 50 days on one mission and you’ll get this achievement.


Junior Scientist

  • Research 1 Artifact

This is a simple achievement and you’ll get it very quickly into your first game. Find an artifact on the planet, and put it into your research lab to turn it into tech points.

Junk Collector

  • Research 100 artifacts

This achievement is self explanatory, but will take a while to get. You would need to unlock all techs in roughly 4 full games (the exact number is 3.5 ish – 28 techs per game) to unlock this.

All the Things!

  • Complete your artifact research log

This achievement will take a little longer but is otherwise straightforward. Every artifact you research will be of a different type (noted by the image you see when researching an artifact completes.)

There are 18 unique types of artifacts to find. You can see your progress through the Tech Upgrades window, by going to the “Research Log” tab. Finding one of each is all you need to get this achievement.

Cat Toys

  • Unlock 1 tech upgrades

Self explanatory. Spend your tech points from researching an artifact to get this achievement.

Smarty Cat

  • Unlock 5 tech upgrades

Similar to the previous achievement, but this one will unlock when you’re researched 5 techs.

Feline Fabricator

  • Unlock all tech upgrades

Lastly, unlock all techs available to you to get this achievement. There are 15 techs in total, and will cost you 140 tech points, which means you’ll need to research 28 artifacts to get every tech in the game.


Getting Cozy

  • Construct a Habitat Module

Create your first habitat module from the construction yard to get this achievement.

More Room to Play!

  • Construct your 100th Habitat Modules

This achievement is simple but will take some time to achieve, most likely across multiple games.

Each habitat module costs 4 metal sheets, which means you’ll need a total of 400 metal sheets or 400 ore to complete this.

More Duct Tape, Please!

  • Repair 100 air leaks

This is another simple but time consuming task, however this one will happen a lot faster. Air leaks happen very often, especially if you have a lot of modules in your base. Simply click on a leaking module (marked by red and an audible noise) to fix it, and do it 100 times to earn this achievement.

Home-Grown Treats

  • Collect 10 plants grown in a Garden Patch or Greenhouse

Use a garden patch or greenhouse module to grow 10 plants (using seeds, root seeds or glowshroom seeds). This shouldn’t take too long once you have enough water and seeds to do it.

Catnip Cultivator

  • Collect 250 plants grown in a Garden Patch or Greenhouse

This is a very time consuming achievement to complete, as it involves growing plants 250 times. A large greenhouse setup, preferably with a lot of water storage tanks and automatic rain collectors would be the ideal setup to get this achievement completed

More Powurrrrr!

  • Have a base that generates over 200 power/sec

This achievement will most likely unlock in the late game, when you have a large base that needs a lot of power. Otherwise, the easiest way to get this achievement is to have a lot of wind turbines or RTGs. Solar panels also work fine, however they stop generating at night time, and aren’t viable on long night or all night missions.

In order to find out how much power you’re generating, click on a generator (wind turbine, RTG, etc.) or a battery, and look at the “Gen” column.

Endless Water Bowl

  • Have a base that has over 1000 water stored

This achievement is very simple to do but may take a little time to store the water. Fill up enough water storage modules to have 1000 water stored.

Simply have enough water storage modules in your base (each module holds 200 water, so you’ll need 5 modules at least), and then either fill them up manually with ice or portable water, or set up automatic rain collectors to collect moisture (slow intake) or rain.


Ooo, Shiny!

  • Craft 500 metal plates

Self explanatory achievement: smelt 500 ore down to 500 metal sheets. This is quite a lot, however you’ll unlock it from normal gameplay over a few missions, or from some grind.

Working towards the “More Room to Play!” achievement requires 400 metal sheets to make all the habitat modules, so you’ll get 4/5 of the way from just that achievement if you’re grinding for them.



  • Build a buggie

Create a garage from the construction yard, then use the garage to create a buggie to get this achievement.

Buggies are great for exploration and long distance travel, especially on long night and only night missions, and are a great thing to get as soon as possible.

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