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More than you needed to know about the mining rig.

Guide to Mining Rig


The mining rig is a new item, recently introduced. It is unlocked under the crystal tech technology, and built in the advanced fabricator. When placed in the world, this building extracts stone and ores from the ground, making those ressources renewable! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the mining rig, and ever more!


The mining rig consumes 24 power, or 3 RTGs. It produces ressources based on the ground below it. Specificaly:

  • On regular soil, it produces 5 items/day, amongst ore, stone and uranium.
  • On dirt, it produces 2.5 items/day, amongst ore and stone.
  • On rocky ground, it produces 7.1 items/day, amongst ore, stone and uranium.
  • On volcanic soil, it produces 7.1 items/day amongst shiny crystals and purrtanium.

The ressources are not produced equal. On rocky ground, the mining rig produces about 4 ores/day, 2 stones/day and 1 uranium/day.

Since the mining rig costs 4 ores, 4 purrtanium and 2 crystals to craft, it repays itself in about 2 days. If you include the 3 RTGs, the whole system repays itself in about 6 days (and you’ll have a lot of extra stone).

Although one cannot rotate the rig, an auto-crafter can extract ressources from either tile of the mining rig. An auto-crafter with a single smelter can keep up with 6 rigs.

With the new mining rig, the only non-renewable resource of the game seems to be scrap metal, since everything else can be farmed.

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