Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Lord of the Ring Achievement / Trophy

Lord of the Ring achievement for Shadow of Mordor in 48 minutes killing 5 warchiefs and 12 captains and branding 8 captains.

How to Get The Lord of the Ring Achievement / Trophy

How do everything in 48 minutes with 12 minutes remaining

First go straight to a captain’s mission that spawns around you and interrogate anyone you can find in your way to reveal other captains locations (doesn’t need their weakness only their location) now start the mission and fight him until he breaks.

Than grab him and dominate him to get intel on other warchiefs or captains to reveal their location and than don’t kill him let him go because you need 8 of branded captains alive. After that repeat this until you find a graug than jump on it and roam on the map and kill up to 12 captains that you get their location earlier.

Don’t kill more than that always check how many are alive because you need 8 branded captains. After finishing branding and killing captains simply go and start warchiefs missions and kill them one after another until you get the achievement.

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