Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Survivalist Tips for Act I

Please note: all credit goes to HyperKnight!

A beginner’s advice: how to not become a serial orc fodder.

Newbies Tips to Survive

To-Do List

  • Do not believe all those saying that to experience the nemesis system and make cool stories you have to die: they are a suicidal, masochistic orc feeders.
  • Start on easy. Yeah. If you do not have ninja’s speed you will miss much shorter on higher difficulties combat prompts and die. A lot. When easy turns out to be too easy you can always crank it up from options.
  • Do not hesitate to run away when low on health, you can always drain some orcs and return, immediately or later. Put your best green gem into sword and save might for consume to keep health up.
  • If you see a captain much higher level than you chock full of dangerous moves, the only correct tactic here is to run and save him for later.
  • Practice every move until you get it right: counter, glaive, etc.
  • Take your time culling low level or mortally vulnerable captains for xp and gear, collecting collectibles and completing challenges to expand your arsenal, every skill point will make your life easier.
  • You can get xp from simply watching nemesis missions, no need to risk your life and limb if there are high level captains involved.
  • Try to finish your fights asap, the longer you fight the more the chance that you take some hits and eventually die.
  • Using underhanded assassin tactics is generally much safer than fighting captains face to face. You can do a stealth jump from the roof for some massive damage or straight up stealth sprint to the captain from behind and stab him. Other moves include headshots, exploding grog barrels, applying conditions, riding caragors, etc to name a few.

Making good use of this advice, you shall become the one who completes online vendettas, not the one who spawns them.

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