Midnight Fight Express – How to Beat Final Boss

Guide to Beat Final Boss Easy


Your rope stops all enemy attacks.

Your rope does not have a cooldown unlike your gun.

  1. Rope grab the boss towards you.
  2. Light attack twice.
  3. Special attack (Keyboard is E) once for a little extra damage.
  4. He will dodge backwards. If he does not, dodge back yourself. Either way rope him again.
  5. Repeat until you win.

When his goons come out keep roping him from a distance to stop the boss’s attacks (especially his massive laser) but don’t bother with the boss until the goons are KO’d.

Written by Alcatrax


  1. This fight felt like pure luck, in the worst way. I just respawned over and over because eventually the boss will use his insta-kill no charge up laser beam to kill me. The time that I beat him, I honestly was lucky he didn’t use the laser.

  2. As a person who done realistic mode, this tactics is viable. Rope and any stun rounds can be really helpful. It takes a while and lot of sanity to beat him as a cracked up spider monke using rope in realistic.

  3. The funniest thing is the hard part about him isn’t even him himself; it’s the fackin’ goons that you have to deal with everytime you chip his health down to a minute. Had he fought you alone, using this cheese tactic would’ve done him in no time.

    Though, I’m not here just to complain, so here’s another tip I can give: Use Electrocute Rounds, and if possible, use Rope Electrocute on a Goon that’s near the boss, so that the chain effect also stuns the Boss. Also for the Rope Pull cheese, it helps tremendously if you have a weapon (which is one of the things the Goons were good for: spawning in with weapons you can nab). But if you have a weapon, keep doing Rope Pull till he’s close enough so that you can attack him without triggering Long Range Attack, as those don’t bear the damage property of a weapon attack even if you’re armed with one.

    Good luck

  4. Tried it does not work for me. My boss never breaks defence, always one shot me, tackles me to the ground, goons shoot me to the back. Nothing works, this boss left bitter taste in my mouth after this game. They should give us easy mode for others, who do not want to waste hours on one boss. Did they even try it to play it? I dont think so. That throwing idea does not work on my boss, he actually throws me after three light punches.

  5. IMO the better cheese is to rope him, use the eletric bullet in our gun and then do 3 light attacks and a throw. Then just kick him.

  6. While doing the rope trick to stop the boss from doing attacks, I also found out that using grab can also stop the enemy from attacking too, including the red attacks.

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