Midnight Ghost Hunt – How to Win As Ghosts

This short guide contains some tips that may help you to beat hunters.

Guide to Win As Ghosts


When you actually learn how to play as ghosts, you’ll find that it is incredibly balanced.

If all you do is hide in a couch or statue and sit there hoping they aren’t going to find you…..they will.

You have to get creative with hiding places, throw your voice around to distract them, and make good use of your abilities.

This game isn’t just hide and seek.


  • It is quite balanced, the thing is when you are on the “weaker” side (ghosts before midnight and hunters after midnight) you need to cooperate to compensate that difference. Finding the last ghost when they are good is so annoying.
  • Try collaborating with your ghosts partners in order to find and kill isolated hunters, that will get you a lot of time until they revive him (or they won´t be able to if you can consume his soul). With 2 ghosts you can easily kill a hunter in under 2 secs if you use death grip and surprise him.
  • There is a ghost perk for charging attacks as ghost prop!
  • When you use microphone, combo abilities and cooperate you always win before midnight as ghost team. All you need to do is corruptor + poltergeist (+ quickcharge perk), easy win.
  • Sometimes you don´t win before the midnight as hunter team but then you do.


Hunter wins to ghost wins its balanced if you cant win at midnight when their grouped up you need to communicate/coordinate with your team switch to miasma to break them up go in at the same time use Hero props to give you an advantage etc.

Tbh if you actually kill a hunter before midnight and consume their soul they cant get revived making it easier for the midnight hunt, start setting up traps as ghost( i do not mean the stupid trap ability) poltergeist/corrupter is a great combo and if you set it up right the hunters wont know what hit them giving you an easy kill.

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