Midnight Ghost Hunt – New Ghosts Tips

A series of tips to enhance your game-play as a ghost, there is a serious misconception that MGH is a hide and seek prop hunt game, it is not, it is a deathmatch game with a prop hunt theme. In this guide, I will reveal how you go from being the ghost that dies within the first minute to the one that solos the entire hunter team when given the chance. Enjoy.

Beginners Tips

To Spook, or to Be Spooked

Newer players tend to feel that ghosts are underpowered compared to hunters, this is abjectly not true, I have over 250 hours in this game now and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that 1v1, ghosts are stronger. It is much easier to carry a team as a ghost than a hunter and if you feel differently, its likely that you’re not utilitising all the tricks a ghost should. The ghost team has a massive skill ceiling and mastering their gameplay loop is no easy task, especially versus skilled hunters, but its immensely rewarding.

Above all – Four chimes of the bell – The clock is on your side

If you’re focused on winning as much as possible, the most consistent, risk free approach to winning as ghost is to get to midnight, ideally, with at least one hunter dead and consumed. You CAN win before then by playing aggressive (losses impact the hunter team greatly) but pre-midnight, a well prepared hunter can hold their ground versus multiple ghosts. But after midnight, even a single ghost can shred the entire hunter team, face to face. If you want the most risk free way of winning, your objective is get to midnight above anything else which means survival.

Don’t just run, don’t just hide, don’t just fight – Do all of them

In order to get to midnight, using a mix of all three primary ghost skillsets (Hiding, evasion and combat) will give you a much better chance of winning. Knowing when to sit perfectly still, when to make a run for it and when to hold your ground will come with team but just to start us off:

When to hide:

  1. If you’ve just run somewhere new out of their sight during a chase
  2. Hunters have no detection equipment with them,
  3. Hunters are focused on something else but you’re currently in their line of sight
  4. If you have a decent spot and hunters are struggling to locate you (you’re buying time for the team – but if you’re the last ghost alive, get ready to run) or if you’re laying in ambush – remember props make noise when they move and keep hunters will be listening, if your team is rustling around in a kill room, a smart hunter will know, don’t give yourself away.

When to run:

  1. When a hunter is a approaching you with a dangerous weapon (Sledge or salt shotgun), these weapons will end you quickly if they close the distance, if a hunter is looking right at you, walking right at you, with his hammer raised, run.
  2. When Hunters have discovered you anyway, if you’ve got high ecto and someone as a radar, unless you’ve got an amazing hiding spot, its only a matter of time, get ready to move.
  3. When you’re not hiding and fighting.

When to fight:

  1. When a hunter is alone with a weapon that isn’t good for fighting, example, a lone sledgehammer user, get out of your prop and start hitting them, you WILL win, but get ready to leave if he calls his friends.
  2. When a hunter has been wounded by ghost abilities and is below max health – It is surprisingly easy to kill a hunter if they’re not at max health (Juggernaut not included), don’t be afraid to charge that rightclick and smash them if they’ve hit a couple of polter objects and are looking a bit wounded

You are not defenceless before midnight, its just harder to pull off.

Ghostly Tips – Before Midnight

Onto the quick fire tips!

The eye that sees all, knows all – Take perception before midnight

For your perk, always, always take perception, its the most powerful for almost every level of play and will give you the most consistent win rate of all perks. In any competitive multiplayer game, information is king and always has been. Being able to see where the hunters are will let you make informed decisions which are always better than misinformed decisions. You can see what weapons they have, where they are, traps on the floor and then decide what you want to do with that information, it’ll even let you see where hunters are trying to cut you off from during a chase. Until you’re really comfortable with playing ghost, always take perception and watch the hunters.

Note, there are reasons to consider other perks, such as quick charge or shatterproof, but the tactics these perks utilise are cheap and won’t build your skillset, they may work versus a lot of newer hunter teams but when that tactic fails, you’ll be left high and dry. Build your knowledge, learn the game, have fun.

You have the most powerful ability in the game, use it – Use your right click

I can’t stress this one enough, the amount of ghosts I see who never use their rightclick is insane, its your best ability, you can deal damage, take distance, climb elevation, dodge attacks and threaten hunters with it. Use it. Whenever you’re being chased, charge this time, you can cancel it if you want to throw yourself but keep using it, its your bread and butter skill, get comfortable with it, until you do, you’re playing with half a skill set. On that note, get used to how much charge breaks props, its around 50-60% for most small props.

The armour of the undead – Stay in props

Hot tip, you cannot die within a prop. No matter the level of damage and causes you eject from the prop, your shell will gate the damage and you’ll be left at 10hp. If you’re wandering around without a prop, you’re at risk of death from stray damage and sharp shooters, learning when to prop hop can make you an absolute nightmare for hunters to deal with. Sometimes, being ejected from a prop due to damage will stun you as you eject an hunters can kill you during this grace period, but mid night between props, you’re invulnerable. Sometimes theres no escaping a hunter team, but you can damn well make them work for it but rapid fire hopping and attempting to escape.

The spectral armoury is vast, use its weapons wisely – Offensive abilities

Poltergeist is a solid beginners option for offensively minded players, can be deadly when combined with corruption (Teamwork makes the dream work) but otherwise functions as an attrition weapon to grind down and slow hunters, including during chases. Less effective against more skilled hunters but still good. Telekenesis is hard to use for the most part but good with maps with doors, using tele on a door causes it to do more damage than if a player had been sat in the door and slammed it manually. Smart hunters will demolish the doors but this can work for multiple skill levels. Death trap can set up kills for other players but is good for single hunter chases too, place it as you run and charge your right click, if the hunter gets stuck, you should be able to land a solid blow. Doppleganger is insanely risky but does tremendous damage, I would not recommend this perk until you’re very comfortable with the game, but its very good when executed correctly. Corruption is a combo ability but has other uses too, such as melee teams who try to clear the map of props with sledge hammers.

Can’t hit what ain’t there! – Defensive abilities

Miasma is a solid defensive ability, able to lock of choke points, slow hunters and deal some light damage, a more overlooked part of its function though is the visual obstruction it provides, can save your life from eagle eyed snipers, it works better with a little distance between you and the hunters though as it takes time to manifest. Phantom is often overlooked but very strong, use it to break chases and move unseen. Spirit is an excellent escape took, breaking traps, harpoons and giving you instant vertical mobility, perfect on maps like ghostship and theatre. I wouldn’t bother too much with the other abilities, these should be your bread and butter.

You’ll never hit me! You’ll never hit my tiny head! It’s so tiny I got a frickin’… such a tiny li’l head! – Small props for running and hiding

Small props are excellent of evasion but will crumble quickly if caught by certain weapons, the spectral cannon is built to crush these so be careful around them, if set on the fire, the prop is doomed so prop hop as quickly as possible. Use cover, corners and elevation to stay out of fire and keep those hunters chasing you. Be cautious of shattering your small prop however, as a badly charged rightclick and leave you dangerously vulnerable. Once again, beware the spectral cannon, its the best weapon for small prop busting, aside from insane reaper snipers.

Killing you is full time job now. – Bigger props for hiding and aggression

Larger props (100hp or more) pack a decent punch when charged and give you a little room to play when it comes to incoming fire. They’re also OK to hiding versus a tunnel vision team who last saw you in a small prop. Be cautious with larger props, although they’re quite tanky, they will fall quickly to combined arms and can struggle to land hits in enclosed spaces to due to large hitboxes impacting the level instead of the enemy. Beware the frostbite and harpoon, although the harpoon is more rare these days, the frostbite is not and is a counter-aggression weapon, reducing the effectiveness of your rightclick massively, if you get frozen, prop hop ASAP to avoid damage.

Traps, you either love em or hate em – Traps will doom you

Unless you’ve taken “Untrappable”, traps will eject you from your prop (Leaving you in your vulnerable ghost form), deal minor damage and slow you by 90%, leaving you a sitting duck. Perception will allow you to see these and avoid them, beyond that, you can right click over the top of the trap or even right click into the trap to crush it, the latter is more risky but effective once you can pull it off (I don’t personally believe it should be possible really but its in the game so its my duty to advise you).

Written by Beta_Krogoth

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