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Egor Opleuha, also known as Juzzzie, is the Editor-in-Chief of Gameplay Tips. He is a writer with more than 12 years of experience in writing and editing online content. His favorite game was and still is the third part of the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic saga. He prefers to spend all his free time playing retro games and new indie games.


  1. I feel like i got scammed by mojang cuz i don’t see any of this sh1t in my inventory, it costs 2550 coins lol.

  2. For everyone here who can’t access the shop. try making sure you’re signed in to your Microsoft account.

    If it’s still not showing up, well…. that’s a yikes

  3. I’d also like to note if it doesn’t appear on your first launch, just restart the game. that happened to me

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