Minimal – Hidden Achievements

This guide explains how to obtain the hidden achievements.

The Hidden Achievements

The game has 11 hidden achievements. Find out how to unlock them below. That guide also gives an on par solution for each level.


  • On the level selection map keep scrolling down, past the credits, until the achievement unlocks.


  • Click the same tile five times in a row.


  • Click blocked tiles until the achievement unlocks (clicking them produces a drum sound).


  • Bring the move counter to 99, then try to make another move.

Epic Flip

  • Flip 1000 tiles.


  • Solve every level on par.


  • Beat level 16.3

Terrestrial contact

  • Beat level 21.1

Tis just a flesh wound

  • Beat level 21.6

Destroyed the ring

  • Beat level 22.2

Tomb raider

  • Beat level 24.2

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