MIR4 – Install / Run FAQ (for Mobile Users)

If you play MIR4 on PC, then you need this guide.

Install / Run FAQ

What are the minimum requirements for mobile devices?

  • The minimum requirements to play MIR4 are shown at this guide.

Can I use a guest account?

  • You can use a guest account to play MIR4.

But there is a risk of losing the account if you don’t link it, and we do not provide recovery support for lost guest accounts.

When using a guest account, please keep in mind that you can resume the game from where you left off by obtaining a Transfer Code.

How to obtain a Transfer Code:

  1. Go to Menu > System in the game
  2. Account > Link Account
  3. Transfer Data > Copy Transfer Code
  4. Transfer Data > Set Password

After copying the transfer code, make sure to save it in a Notepad file or other means. We are unable to help you if you lose your transfer code or password.

As using a guest account and Transfer Data feature can be inconvenient, we urge you to link your account to play the game if possible.

When I try to download from the Google Play Store, I get a message that says “Your device is not compatible with this version.”

  • The game cannot be installed if your device doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.

I get a message that says “A patch error has occurred. Exiting the game. Make sure that your disk has enough space available.” and the update doesn’t continue.

  • This issue occurs when you don’t have enough space available on your device.
  • Secure enough space and try the update again.

MIR4 shuts down with a message that says “Unauthorized access detected.”

  • This message is displayed when your device is installed with a macro app that supports auto tap.
  • Uninstall the app and launch MIR4 again.

I can’t log into MIR4.

  • If a network error occurs while playing MIR4 , check the reception status of your device.
  • As unstable network conditions can impair your connection, play the game at a place with good reception.

It says launch MIR4 and update at the store, but it won’t update at the store.

  • Please follow the instructions below and carry out the update.

How to resolve the Google Play Store (AOS) update problem

  1. Tap [Settings] > [Apps] > [Google Play Store]
  2. Delete updates, cache, and data
  3. After rebooting the device, open Google Play Store and select [Agree] on the pop-up
  4. Reinstall MIR4

Deleting game cache/data and reinstalling the game wipes out all in-game data of guest accounts. Ensure that your account is linked before carrying out these steps.

How to resolve the App Store (iOS) update problem

  1. Tap [AppStore] > [Update]
  2. Drag the Update Category screen down to refresh the update list

Constant crashes, freezes, and lags are making MIR4 unplayable.

Please check below if you are not enjoying a smooth MIR4 experience.

Close all running apps to secure sufficient memory space.

  • Go to Task Manager → Close all running apps

Check your network status.

  • If you are in a crowded place or an enclosed area, connection to the server may not be stable depending on the network conditions.
  • Using Wi-Fi or hotspots shared by many others may cause the connection to be unstable.

Check the graphics settings for MIR4.

  • Tap [Menu] > [System] > [Settings] > [Graphics] and change the options to suit your device.

How many skills can I assign?

  • There are 2 skill slots and you can assign up to 6 skills per slot.
  • To see the second slot, drag the skill slot left or right.

How do I check the OS information?

OS information differs for each device. Please see below for more details.

Checking on Android (Galaxy, LG etc.)

  1. After tapping the phone’s [Settings], tap [About phone].
  2. Tap [Software information] and check the Android version.

Checking on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

  1. After tapping the phone’s [Settings], tap [General].
  2. Tap [Information] and check the version.

I’m not able to enter a character name.

Please change the keyboard setting to ‘default setting’ on your device If you are not able to enter Character name.

  • You are able to play MIR4 smoothly only from Mobile/PC(Windows)/Steam.
  • You may not able to play the game normally using by App Player.


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