MIR4 – Mission Explanatory Guide

Missions are quests that can be carried out in addition to the main quest that follows the story. Missions include missions and requests. Missions give EXP and various consumables as rewards, while requests give equipment and materials.


  • Tap the Mission icon at the top right of the main screen or click Mission in the Menu.
  • The available mission types are Field, Elite, Labyrinth, and Valley, and there are one-time missions and repeatable missions.
  • Each repeatable mission can be cleared 3 times, up to a total of 30 times a day.
  • You can accept up to 10 missions including a request at one time, and you can auto-play them by setting the order and number of repeats.
  • Mining, gathering, and meditating missions cannot be auto-played.


  • Tap Mission > Request tab in the Menu.
  • You can receive requests from each area, and view the clues for requests yet to be attempted.
  • Only 1 request can be carried out at a time, and you must find and accept the request from the request giver.
  • Accepting a new request without completing the previous one cancels the previous request.

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