MIR4 – Skills Guide

Skills are a means of combat that involves using more powerful martial arts than normal attacks. On the Skill screen, you can learn new skills or enhance the skills you already have.

Guide to Skill


  • Tap the Skill tab in the Menu.
  1. View each skill’s name, MP cost, cooldown, and the assigned slot.
  2. Tap each skill to view the details and skill effects.
  3. Tap the Awakening button to check each skill’s Awakening effects by level.
  4. View the Energy and Skill Tomes required for skill enhancement.
  5. Tap the left and right buttons to view the Awakening effects at each skill enhancement level.
  6. When you meet a skill’s requirement, you can tap the Learn button to acquire the skill.

Assign Skill

  • Tap the Assign Skill button at the top left of the Skill window to access the Assign Skill window.

You can assign a skill by tapping it and then selecting the slot you want.

Skill Slot 2 is unlocked when its unlocking condition is met.

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