Mirror 2: Project X – Last Ending Guide (Leave)

This is step-by-step walkthrough to get fourth ending in the Mirror 2: Project X game.

Ending 4 Walkthrough Guide


This is the last ending for Leah’s story. Do note that there will be no introductions, meaning no steps at the start of your new game to the current step. Check Ending 3 guide for the last ending.

We left off at the Third Ending choice, now it’s the Fourth Ending one. Choose the highlighted box.

You’d try to convince Rita to let Leah go but instead of that, leave the problems and responsibility to the Board of the Directors and facility to them. Letting Naoto (You) and Rita leave the facility.

[Rita convincing Naoto]

[Both leaves the responsibility to the facility]

[Without knowingly Leah escaping]

[The problem isn’t theirs to deal with anymore]

[Rita walking down the hallway with you]

[Rita slowly turns her head to Naoto (You)]

[In Naoto’s perspective, Leah appears instead of Rita now, smiling at Naoto at the end]

You’ve finally achieved the last ending of Leah’s Story. The ending of leaving the facility with “Rita” to form a new life. Instead… Leah is now disguised like Rita..? Or is she becoming one with her…?

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