Mirror 2: Project X – Second Ending Guide

The guide leads to ending 2, suicide incident.

Second Ending Walkthrough Guide


At the beginning, you can skip the introductions and head straight to finish Leah’s first game.

After that, there’s a decision to be made.

The two dialogue options will change your story. Either you can stay with Leah, playing chess with her or Rita, to help her researches and problems of the containment objects.

I’d personally choose any but choose Rita (optional).

Once you chosen a choice, do not start the next game. Upgrade your gems. I recommend selecting all 4 of the gems to be upgraded till empty wallet.

Now then. This next scene will raise suspicion of Naoto (You). Rita and the Directors communicating about the deadline of the research and the containment process. At the end of the scene, she’ll request using the Soloman’s Judgement.

Choose the boxes that are highlighted white which leads to Ending 2.

Now, once all the choices are selected.You as the actual you in real life, are going to question about this situation. As Naoto, the main character, already caught up on what’s going to happen next.

Lastly, you should already know what’s next. There are two options in this scene.

  • Pull the trigger.
  • Nope, this is a bad idea.

Once you pull the trigger, the last scene of Ending 2, will result of you putting the gun towards your face. You hesitate, which pulling it will end this suspicion.

Your incident has been formed as: Naoto being corrupted which covers up the evidence of your actual reason of death.

You completed Ending 2, the other dialogue would result in you leading to other endings. You need to restart all over again.

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