Mirror Party – How to Make Money (Single Player Mode)

Guide to Making Money

The most profitable way

Directly purchase triple DLCs – saving time costs…

The slot machine itself will not have a positive income

What makes money is the five-spot collection item on the bottom left. After completion, a fixed amount is given-it depends on the item itself, not the multiplier (blood training). So the minimum value of 150 draws is fine, and Auto is ticked. As long as the left side is collected, a fixed amount will be given. It’s the way to hang up.

Enter the interaction with a 100% favor

If you notice in advance-as long as you hit another heart, it will be full. If it is, cancel Auto and modify it to a high magnification (it is related to the magnification, so change the magnification). As long as you draw within 40 times and enter the interaction, you will not lose (usually speaking). When you win, you can uncheck Auto in advance, so that you can change the magnification and continue to hang up after it comes out.

The early results of the 3 interaction opportunities determine the amount you will receive. I reached a maximum of 40+ times the lottery multiplier. I don’t know if it is higher. Please note that the fixed order of interactive selection may not reach a fixed value. So I won’t give me the choice of interaction.

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