Model Builder – Guide for New Players

This guide contains some useful info for beginners.

Newbies Guide

Models and Brands

in the game you have over 25 scale model kits: history, pop-culture, medieval or sci-fi. To assemble and paint them you will need all the tools known from the real life: sandpaper, paintbrush, hobbyknife, airbrush, solvent etc.

First you have to cut out the pieces from the spruce. Then you move to the assembling part – accordingly to the manual. Last but not least is the painting where you can follow the manual or let your imagination go wild!

In Model Builder devs managed to add brands like:

AK Interactive and SM Colors paints, HobbyZone stands and equipment, or Titan-Forge RPG figurines.

Undo / Reset

You cant undo the decals, but you can always cover them with paint and try again!

In Story Mode you will unlock the disassembly tool after the quest which introduces you to the auctions. In Sandbox mode this tool is unlocked right away. It allows you to disconnect part or the whole model.

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