Mon Bazou – How to Tame Leo

How to tame the dog added in the v0.232 update.

Guide to Tame Leo

Things to Do First

You’ll first hear about Léo from Melanie, at the decorations store. Returning players will notice a new pet section located near her register, and speaking to her will give the player new lines of dialogue, ranging from what his favorite treats are, to where the player can start looking for him.

You’ll want to grab a few bags of treats from the display, the flavor doesn’t matter, and load them up into your vehicle. Next, pull up your map, and locate the circle marked, “Léo” near the bottom left side: This is where you’ll be travelling to, next.

Where to Find Léo, and How to Befriend Him

When you’ve reached the marked location, you’ll be greeted with several discarded packages of dog treats, and a BEWARE OF DOG sign tacked to a tree.

With a bag of treats in your hand, start following the bags of treats right up to the tree line. Léo likes to hide among the trees, and he’ll slowly make his way towards you. Stop moving, and he’ll slowly creep up to you, and take the treat bag from your hand, and run back into the forest.

You’ll have gained a single point of trust from him, viewable in the Friendship tab in the pause menu. You can only gain a single point per day right now, so you’ll wanna come back tomorrow and repeat this process.

Taking Léo Home

Continue giving him treats for an additional seven days of giving him treats: until you’re at Friendship level eight. At level eight, Léo will bring you his dog bed, and you’ll have his full trust! Place the bed in the passenger seat of your vehicle, and interact with it to have Léo sit in it.

You’re now free to take him back to your home, buy additional pet supplies from Melanie, and begin taking care of your new furry friend!

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  1. Leo is not the smartest I have found sometimes he will not use it even if he is close sometimes he dose this but still love the dog

    • If you have a food bowl filled, periodically walk him by it and he’ll eat when he’s hungry. Bowls can also be filled with water, and he’ll drink from them in the same way.

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