Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure 2 – Pouch Explanatory Guide

This guide explains some basics about pouches.

Guide to Pouches


The unidentified part is referring to the pouch with different name. Runs in the Maxwell Ruins and Illusionary Ruins drop unidentified items.

With any unidentified item you find and once you return to village, the unidentified items will be identified.

If you return and find that the pouch is a synthesis pouch, all you need to do is put in two of the same staffs into the pouch. You should see a staff with a cumaltive charge. To retrieve the staff you do a short dungeon run and throw the pouch into a wall.

If you notice the pattern of the pouch names you can typically eliminate a few of the other pouches such as: swap, heal, transport, change, etc. pouches.

Magic pouches are the only ones I beleive that dont get a different name.

The above is also without any unfortunate scenarios like stepping on a curse trap.(Big explosion, depower, and curse traps all make me tad sad when they appear)

On to the Pot Fairy

The pot fairy is useful becuase it practically eliminates the RNG of getting a synthesis pouch from a run in favor of using money and LOVE rating for essentially an infinite synthesis pouch.

You still need to get desired drops to synthesize, but cutting down on 1 RNG factor is always nice QoL.

For Wild Pot Fairy fusion, just throw 2 items at them and kill them afterward. Don’t do it when she is still sleeping though.

For Friend Pot Fairy, get their love to 100 first. Then throw 2 items at them just the same. Their love always reduce back by 30 every time you fuse though.

Synthesis Pot can be found in Castle Castle, Maxwell or Ruin Route but they are pretty RARE. Simply put items in it to fuse them and then break the pot afterward to retrieve the fused item.

List of Known Pouches

  • Magic = “Item Bag”. Rename them to make your life easier.
  • Heal = Heal you to full HP.
  • Weakness = Degrade items.
  • Someone = There are items inside it but you can’t pull those item out.
  • Transport = Send your item to storage.
  • Change = Change item inside randomly.
  • Synthesis = Put items inside to fuse them.
  • Summons = Monster pop out of it if use.
  • Aburaage = Change item into Aburaage.
  • Sharing = Put fruits inside to share their effects.

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