Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure 2 – Special Dungeon Location Guide (Early Access)

This guide will show you how to find where you access the special dungeon that will only be available during the early access period.

How to Access Special Dungeon

  • First thing you need is the Jump Staff.
  • Head to Northern Forest.
  • On Northern Forest 3F located on stone bridge after open door.
  • Once on bridge, look right and use jump staff.
  • And you have reached your destination.

There are 51 floors in there with some new items and monster girls.

What else is in there I wont spoil.

To reach it again you need to talk to Puree instead of walking out front gate.

As of typing this, I have reached floor 27 before I had to bail. The reason for that I also wont spoil.

A side tip: Look around a lot TBH, can get you to exit faster and allows you to see monsters in advance during day and sometimes at night during the walkway floors.

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