Monster Hunter Rise – Fishing Popfish Guide

A guide to (semi) reliably fishing for popfish when they’re bugged.

Guide to Fishing for Popfish


Tired of popfish swimming under your lure? Try this method of fishing!


  • Head to Lava Caverns (LR or HR) fishing spot right beside the spawn point.
  • Take note of the fishing area boundary – see image below.
  • Throw your lure at the boundary where the popfish is swimming.
  • Your goal is to try and isolate the popfish near this boundary while it swims towards it head-on.
  • Rather than swimming under your lure, it should collide with the boundary and hopefully bite at your lure.


Getting the popfish oriented correctly so it collides with the barrier head-on may take a few tries and adjustments with your lure.

If another fish is crowding the area you can either catch it or pull your lure just before the bite to send it speeding away.

Video example

Shows adjustments, boundary testing, and a bite.

Written by SpruceBeard

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