Monster Hunter Rise – How to Use the Nintendo Switch Controller on PC (Issue Fixes)

A very simple guide which addresses an issue with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on PC.

Guide to Fix Nintendo Switch Controller Issue

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This guide is only interesting for players who wishes to use their Nintendo Switch Pro controller on PC. While it is easily done by plugging in an USB-C cable, there is an unexpected issue which can spoil the whole experience of Monster Hunter Rise. This guide offers you a workaround.

The Problem

Similar to with what can be observed in Monster Hunter: World

A & B are reversed in combat

If you are new to Monster Hunter Rise you might not notice. Otherwise it can mess up your muscle memory a lot. But do not worry, the workaround is easy!

Step by Step to the “Fix”

  1. Right click in your Steam Library on Monster Hunter Rise

and open up the “Controller configuration”. We want this change only to happen for specifically this game. With other games the issue might not exist. So it makes sense to specify it for this game only to avoid any future issues in other games.

  1. Remap the inputs B to A, and A to B – Y to X, and X to Y

Yes, X & Y too. Unlike A & B you might not notice it right away, but the default configuration here is mirroring the original controls on the Nintendo Switch, for better or worse.

  1. Switch the confirmation button from A to B.
  1. Change the input display to Type 5

And you are done!

It is not perfect (with some stuff now on A instead on B e.g. riding Palamute), but it is closest to what you are used on the Nintendo Switch.

Alternative to Remapping the Keys

2B. Alternative to Remapping

This alternative is suggested via the forums – but I am not fond of it since it is not game specific. Instead of remapping the keys for Monster Hunter Rise specifically, you can alter the default setup how Steam handles your Nintendo Switch Pro controller. It seems that there is a special feature by Steam which is not working correctly here (but works fine with other games). If you turn off that feature, you get the same effect as remapping the keys.

Keep in mind: this will affect other games as well.

This alternative would only change step 2. The rest remains the same.


With this workaround you should be okay, and if you played Monster Hunter Rise before you will not want to miss on this at all – considering the reverse placing of the keys can mess up with your muscle memory a lot.

I do not know why this issue exist to begin with. Weird enough is the fact that the Type 5 input layout seems to be a premonition to this issue. As if the developers knew there would be something like this to begin with. Why else would the layout fit perfect with the adjustments?

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