Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Harvest Moon Explanatory Guide (Demo)

Guide to Use Harvest Moon (Long Sword)


I personally think that Harvest Moon is kinda balanced.

Reason why I say that is because you have to keep attacking. You cannot sheathe your sword (Excluding special sheathes), nor can you leave the ring once it is made. If you get knocked out of the ring by a monster, or you wire-fall out of an attack (If you had another wirebug left or just recharged one after using Harvest Moon), or if you touch the ring, that ring will disappear.

Though, one thing I would change about it is adding a little time limit as to how long that ring stays. From me playing, it seems that it lasts forever until you leave the ring or you sheathe your sword. Probably having it up for about 90 seconds seems like a good amount of time.

Pros and Cons


  • 2 extra hits for ISS (I wasn’t paying attention but feels about right).
  • 1 extra hit for Foresight.
  • On average I would say roughly 40-50% increase in terms of DPS? And that’s assuming you are countering everything. If you don’t play like Peppo 20-30% sounds about right.


  • No healing.
  • No superman diving.
  • Monsters get knocked down outside of the ring sometimes and you’re forced to sheathe or stay in the ring and do nothing.
  • Sometimes you will ISS out of the ring and get knocked back in.

And Harvest Moon does have a time limit as far as I know. Or maybe I just got knocked down in Special Sheathe and didn’t think about it.

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