Monster Hunter Rise – Tips for New Players!

Tips for All the New Players

Been playing since 2G, and had hundreds of hours on Rise here are some great tips.

  • When ur riding ur palamute, u can use potions, sharpen ur wep, craft, etc!!! u can even call ur doggy for a ride in battle. use this when ur in a pinch!!
  • When riding your palamute u can hold r1, and hit L2 to do a sprint.
  • Wire bug allows u to do an air recovery, but u will not be invincible anymore!! if a monster knocks u down u can use an air recovery to move out of the way also (for example when rajang grabs and throws u on the ground and ur char is laying there)
  • Yes u can use your wirebug for mobility, and jump over monsters and attacks!!
  • Great wire bugs make traversing the map a lot faster
  • The current game does not require u to have over 150 hp in high rank, or to max out your song birds!! So you dont have to spend a lot of time looking for these. **Food bonus doesnt go away when u die.
  • When u attack monsters and u see a blue aura around your damage #s thats counted as an aerial attack, and will build the meter towards a monster mount.
  • Optimal moves while mounted on a monster (solo) is to – ride it to another area with a different monster, damage the other monster with 3 attacks, then ram it into the other monster (the other monster has not have been in a mountable state). Ride the other monster, attack 3 times, fill the gauge, do the special attack.. then BOOM u get 6 shinies.
  • Dont sell any HR monster parts u will need them later, Trust me. Also try to save ur Zenny u will need every bit when starting out. 2nd resource points are easy to get
  • The owls nest will max out every 5 quests (excluding gathering quests) in the buddy training zone, climb the big tree. It can give u eggs (to sell for $), Lagniapple apples to boost mercs-traning-boats, etc… BTW your training room is beyond the buddy zone.
  • Capturing monsters will not yield you a guarantee 3 pieces like in past games. it will be random from 2-3. capturing will be faster but has the above possible penalty.
  • If ur looking for that rare 1%er, carve!!
  • The dango special skill will rotate between money, exp, etc..
  • You can eat in your tent and switch armors.
  • The gathering cat is one of the best due to pilfer skill, 2 gathering cat has diminishing returns but still works – you can only steal up to the slotted max and over a long time, while testing 2 cats they do producing more items, but i like the speed of the palamute and value that over the mats. but you play how u want.
  • Also, note “carves” percentage comes from tails as well, so utilize the side table to determine what parts to break and how to efficiently get rare mats
Written by chuchuTrain

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  1. As an additional little tip: The training area is a very, very good place to go to, well, train and try out weapons, combos, skills and the like without needing to go out on a hunt to do so. Even better is that it’s perfectly accessible in lobbies, so it’s great for helping players teach eachother how to play, too.

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