Monster Hunter Rise – Troubleshooting for Fatal D3D Error

Fatal D3D Error Fix

My steps for troubleshooting for Fatal D3D error:

  • 1) Search for GPU settings in Windows.
  • 2) In the list of software, search and add MonsterHunterRise.exe (your_steam_install_folder/steamapps/common/MonsterHunterRise).
  • 3) After added MHR.exe to the list, select it and then select settings.
  • 4) Select “High performances”.
  • 5) Close Wndows GPU settings and any other soft.
  • 6) Run MH Rise again.

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  1. Thanks I’ll be trying this out, I’ve gotten this crash 3 or 4 times now. Thankfully, only in the offline lobby.

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