Monster Hunter Rise – Veteran’s Camera Setup

Some quick words and screenshots for better gameplay.


If you are a veteran, you do not need this. It is much less of a guide then a short note I made for beginners. I just want to share a suggestion for beginners, how to tweak their camera settings by copying the my own settings from screenshots.


Very simple. Very personal. Useful enough and important enough I consider sharing here.

After I plugged in my Nintendo Switch Controller, switched B and A, the most important settings I had to tackle were the camera settings.

The default ones are… questionable at best. Made for a gameplay originated on a handheld console.

You looked this guide up out of curiousity. Nothing much but me saying “these are good”. I cannot offer you much more aside from my experience as a veteran hunter. Played most of the franchises games since the Nintendo DS, bought and played twice Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise on Playstation 5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

With over 400 hours in each game I assure you: if you like control over the battle field with more freedom of movement, you need to check the camera settings and tweak them to your liking.

With the screenshots you use what I am using. If it fits you – I do not know. This is what it is: a veteran’s camera settings information.

I hope it helps beginners to make their starting days a little easier in becoming a veteran hunter.

Happy hunting!

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