Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – Aptonoth/Popo PVE Cheese Build Guide

Alternative to Aptonoth/Popo PVE Build

Here’s an alternative to Aptonoth/Popo PvE cheese build that I’ve been using that doesn’t need/use Solar Cry at all. Top row is Killer moves for their free +20% crit rate innate to the skills (making it preferable to Popo since there’s almost no ice moves that crit and the ones that do don’t have the bonus crit rate), putting you at an easy 64% crit rate under 50% HP (or possibly 71% if the rumor is correct about the crit rate stat being bugged to always 10%).

Potentially, it could be even higher if crit rate is multiplicative instead of additive, but my trial data seems to support the 64% crit rate) and giving all 3 type options for easy HtH wins.

Crit-Kin + HtH Master + Soul Kinship is busted (I forget if its 58 or 70 kinship on a crit HtH win, but either way its more than the 40 [56] that Solar Cry +2 [+ Soul Kinship XL +2] gives), often filling out kinship gauge turn 1 if you get the HtH (assuming 30 starting kinship and Rider generating at least a little kinship with either crit kin or HH Kinship song) – and with a Crit Kin [+ Weakpoint XL and or Vigilance XL] Rider build you’re practically set one way or another without ever needing to use Pet nor put off Solar Cry/Pet due to a HtH as long as either get the HtH [and you don’t Double Attack, removing crit from the equation].

Even without direct HtHs, you can fill kinship in 2 turns (or less) regularly as long as either of you crit at least once each turn (not counting the turn Aptonoth is down after a KA – though Rider with crit kin can give a jump start with the free crit on the downed enemy so you’re not at 0 the turn after).

With some rearranging, the Harmony Gene could technically be optional (swapped for Rainbow for an extra Speed Bingo and either an extra NE or Tech bingo), but I find it ensures less is able to go wrong as far as guaranteeing HtH wins after a mistake (or failing to crit with both Rider and monstie on the first try if no HtH).

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