Monster Hunter: World – Double Wallbang Jutsu

Foribbden technique from the Hidden Tea Leaf Village.


Master Rank monsters enrage with one of two conditions:

  • Direction changed 4 times with Clutch Claw
  • Wallbanged twice

This means you can wallbang a monster fresh out of enrage twice, every time, as long as you change it’s directory <5 times.

Doesn’t matter how the Claw strikes are spread, for example you can change direkutori 3 times, wallbang, then change direkutori once and wallbang!

The monster will enrage shortly after 4th Claw turn, but you can still wallbang if you do it quick

It’s possible for a single player to wallbang twice, but it’s kusoge because you have to waste the first stun duration by finding more slinger ammo. I’m doing this pretty much every hunt.


If your fellow hunter wallbangs a MR monster, wallbang it again immediately afterwards. Second stun and second monster drop for no cost. I need it for my Agitator. It’s very easy to wallbang a monster coming out of a stun. You have no excuse not to do it. Why is it my responsibility to take action because of your inaction?

Secret Technique

You can wallbang bakemono (化け物) against each other, stunning both. This turns the annoying monster crashing your party into a free stun onto your main target.

You can double bakemonobang by banging both bakemono against each other back to back!

This only really works for bakemono without a Turf War possibility.

Theoretically you maybe can quad bakemonobang by banging both bakemono against each other, twice. 8 total stuns and 8 bakemono materials dropped.

I have not studied the blade long enough to execute this technique yet.

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