Monster Planet – Beginners Guide

This is a Monster Planet guide to help new players by teaching the basics of the game and giving tips that could help new players.

Guide for New Players


Here is the list of controls:

  • W = Move forward
  • A = Move west
  • S = Move backwards
  • D = Move east
  • Shift = Sprint
  • Left Mouse Button = Attack

The developer also gave a list of controls on the store page.

Combat / Battling Enemies

In monster planet, during combat I would recommend that you avoid attacking monsters from the front because the front is where they will always attack the player, Never from the back therefore I recommend avoiding fighting them in the front.

For fighting the boss monster near the spawn there is a good way to fight it which is by getting up on his body and fighting him on his back, do to this simply just walk straight onto the boss monster and you’re character will climb up on his body this is a good way to fight him because he won’t be able to attack you while you in this position which is really good because this boss monster does a lot more damage than the usual enemy

The Monsters in the Game

Currently there is only 2 types of monsters in the game, normal monster and boss monster the boss monster can be found near the spawn and normal monsters can be found all over the map.

The difference between the boss monster and the normal monster is that the boss monster has a lot more health and does a lot more damage than normal monsters and the boss monster is also much larger than the normal monsters this makes him easy to spot on the map but his appearance is still the same as the normal monster he is just much larger in size.

The normal monster doesn’t have as much health or deal as much damage as the boss monster but they are much more common than the boss monster. I think theres only 1 boss monster on the map.

What Happens When You Lose?

You lose in Monster Planet when all you’re health is gone. You lose health when getting attacked by enemies. When you lose you get put back into the same place you spawned into first time you played and all the enemies you defeated will respawn, this includes the legendary boss monster. but you’re health will be reset to 100 and from what I know there is no way to regain health in Monster Planet without losing.

Does the Game Have a Story?

There is no story for the Monster Planet world from what I know. So players can make up their own stories for the Monster Planet Universe.

The Map

In Monster Planet the game takes place on a map this map consists of mostly terrain with a autumn setting which is populated by lots of monsters. At the part of the map where the player spawns, there is a pond and a house and a small farm where pumpkins are being grown. Also on the map there is also a mysterious windmill flying above ground I don’t know how that got their but I assume it probably has something do to with an experiment with a wizard gone wrong or something.

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