Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip – Starter Tips

Tips for Starters

  • As weeks pass, the value that stats increase/decrease per event goes up, so keep this in mind if you’re going for a plotline (Ex: During week 8, stats increase/decrease by 5).
  • At first, it can be hard to recognize how an event will affect your stat, but it gets easier over time! Use the info below tips as a loose reference. Also, it’s best to embrace chaos, some events are just bonkers xP.
  • Pay attention to who your hitchiker is, if any. Only visit them if their stat effects are useful (or you want their conversations).
  • Use Noodles to boost certain stats. Be careful though, he may not have the stat you want, or you might be forced to lose a stat you wanted to keep.
  • Most events give and take stats equally, meaning your total stat value doesn’t change. There are some events and instances in which you can gain total stat value, take advantage of these if you’re going for a good ending (Ex: Valerie’s effect allows you to trade 2 stats for 3 stats at Noodles’, resulting in +1 total stat value.).


  • + Hype: awesome ideas, kind of like bold/charm in monpromcamp.
  • – Hype: boring ideas, normal ideas, awkward things.


  • + Money: selling things
  • – Money: buying things


  • + Magic: encountering magical beings, getting gas.
  • – Magic: performing spells, doing impossible things, losing gas.


  • + Soul: doing nice things for people.
  • – Soul: being a terrible person, giving your soul away as payment.


  • + Mind: doing smart things, learning.
  • – Mind: never being able to know something, overusing your brain, drugs, alcohol.


  • + Stamina: eating and drinking.
  • – Stamina: wasting food and drink, excerting energy, getting hurt.

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