MORDHAU – How to Use Flesh Wound and Brawler

In depth guide on how to make a impeccably chad build with both flesh wound and brawler.

Guide to Use Flesh Wound and Brawler Efficiently

Requirements and Explanation

Aside from the loose requirements, you can customize it as you wish.

Requirements: Flesh Wound, Brawler, a throwable weapon, and little or no armor.

The main synergy of this build is that when you throw a weapon, the time to swap to your fists is far less than the time to swap to a weapon or item.

Flesh Wound fits in nicely, since it often forces you to use your fists, and it’s equally useful to have no more than light armor with it. This way, you can be fast and still take an extra hit, and speed will help you make extra use of your last breaths.

Brawler also makes great use of speed, since the only way to survive while brawling tends to be by dodging. However, when you have limited time in your Flesh Wound, that’s a great opportunity to gamble some punches.

Flesh Wound and Best Weapons

Flesh Wound is good for being aggressive by giving you an opportunity to throw your weapon before death and be greedy with your punches; being defensive by taking an extra hit and preventing the enemy from gaining health or stamina from your death; and stalling/distracting multiple enemies.

However, you don’t have to only throw your weapon during Flesh Wound. Throw it whenever you feel like it. Weapons which deal more damage when thrown are more effective for this build, like the Maul, Partisan, War Axe, and most throwable peasant weapons. After catching your enemy by surprise with Brawler, try to pick up a good weapon off the ground.

I personally use the Pickaxe since the recent reduction of Brawler’s point cost means you have just enough points for the requirements of the loadout. Plus, it does much more damage when thrown than when swung. It has high stamina drain, and it doesn’t stop on hit, so you can stall multiple enemies easily. It is a really expensive weapon though, so other weapons can be much more cost-effective. I just pick the Pick for fun.

Recommended Armor

Take as little armor as you can handle, since surviving Flesh Wound and using your fists relies heavily on mobility. If you do bring armor, use this spreadsheet to maximise your speed.

As you can see, bringing medium armor reduces your speed by around 20 per piece (in addition to the speed reduction from the lower tier), while light armor is only 10 and heavy armor is 15.

Therefore, light armor or full heavy armor are the only ones worth pursuing in frontline or invasion. Heavy armor wouldn’t work with this build, though. I would not recommend no armor if possible, since any tiny projectile can one-shot you.

The legs in light armor is not necessary imo, since weapons that one-shot bare legs also one-shot a bare head. But, if you can afford it, it’s still definitely worth it since it won’t reduce your speed.


You’ll probably have a lot of spare points since you don’t have much armor. You can use these for whatever you like, but I can recommend some perks and equipment.

New bloodlust works well with this build. The regen is only stopped by getting hit or parrying, and this loadout can easily avoid both. You can just run away to regen. Or spend the time to throw your weapon from a distance. Or use your fists, and the regen won’t go away unless you get hit.

The new bloodlust should work well with Flesh Wound, since the slow healing should be just enough to keep you alive for 4 seconds. I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t get killed if you stay above 0 health during flesh wound. Keep in mind that Bloodlust doesn’t activate if you get a kill by throwing your weapon, only melee kills.

Rush works well so you can quickly run away or towards someone after each kill. This does work when you throw weapons, I’m pretty sure, unlike Bloodlust. Speed is everything in this loadout, so this is a great perk. Bloodlust also works well with Rush, even more than before, since Rush gives you the speed you need to keep Bloodlust going straight away.

You can take cat as you would with any build, but know that it’s fine to take environmental damage when you have flesh wound as long as you don’t die. So you may not need cat unless you like jumping from great heights.

Huntsman works with throwables, so if you have a throwable which has a great enough projectile speed, you can snipe archers. This is especially good if you have a one handed weapon, like a mace, which you can take with a Targe for an extra use for Huntsman.

Wrecker and Smith can of course work if it’s good for your weapon of choice.

Dodge also works well so you can be agile, and it’s pretty good since you don’t need stamina for this loadout. However, dodge is frankly unchadlike.


Most equipment can bring some value, except additional weapons, since you just need your fists once you’ve thrown your weapon. Actually, don’t bring bandages unless you have precisely one point left.

Pavise Shield is always a good choice, so archers can’t shoot you in the back.

If you wield a one-handed weapon, the targe is a good choice so can throw it instead of just keeping it in your inventory while you use your fists. You don’t need stamina, since you can always swap to your fists, so don’t waste your points on the buckler.

Toolboxes are pretty op right now, so you can even bring. It’s not bad for this build since you can die intentionally to refill it. You can build in riskier spots with your speed. I think toolboxes are actually better on attack for invasion right now, because of the deployable spawns. Since Blacksmith Hammer is throwable, you can use it in this build.

Other options include Smoke Bomb, Fire Bomb, instruments, more throwables, medic bags, bear traps, repair weapons, or really whatever you want to have fun!

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