Mortal Online 2 – Haven FAQ

Help chat is the same few questions on repeat, so here’s the answers.

Haven Help Chat

How can I whisper a Friend?

  • Use steam or discord or something not here.

How to leave haven?

  • Statue in center of town.

I need to gain weight how?

  • Eat high health reserve food (15+ though you can find stuff with 25+) (Springbok and tallow).

Clade gifts what’s that?

  • Push C, 4th tab, its talents you lvl up by killing stuff

Why aren’t I gaining [skill] skill?

  • Read the book. Use the skill.

How do I spells, Buy a spellbook for 1g to cast spells, open it drag to skill slots?

  • E -target self, Q target other

My [thing] is overflowed whats this mean?

  • You’ve went over your cap for that, you can lower it safely to regain unused points

Quick way to remove things from inventory?

  • Alt click, or /droploot

Where is skimming book?

  • It doesn’t exist.

My mate and I are on the same place but I can’t see him?

  • You’re in different haven instances, go to statue in center of town to see which you are in.

Granum powder?

  • Throw it away for now (its for high level steel, way beyond the scope of this faq)

Do I keep my stuff leaving Haven?

  • No you can carry over 3g worth of stuff.

Where can I tame bears and wolves?

  • Walk more than 3 minutes from town…


  • Not in haven.

Where is my body, I died?

  • How would we know where you died, you remember it yourself.

Metal weapons in haven?

  • Cuprum and pig iron yes.

How to heal?

  • L, “show all skill icons” drag rest to hotbar; bandages; healing spells,

How heal pet?

  • Veterinary, look at pet stand near, use bandage.

Book reading time real or game?

  • Real, its not accurate starting off because your’ gaining INT and read skill.


  • Equip fishing pole, pull it out, put line, hook, bait (coin or worm or fish)


  • Combat and crafting tutorial, thats it.

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