Mortal Online 2 – How to Start Solo PvP (Fast & Easy)

Explains what you need to do to be able to PK anyone you want in the shortest time without suffering too many consequences.

Guide to Start Solo PvP

How to Start PvP

When you leave Haven choose one of the following 2 cities: Morin Khur or Toxai

If you are not in Haven anymore you can always travel there in Ghost forum if you don’t feel like dying on the way or waiting for stamina to refill.

Once in either of those cities farm parcel deliveries between them. Morin Khur to Toxai and Toxai to Morin Khur, until you max out Anam Sith reputation (Toxai) and Khurite Tribes reputation (Morin Khur) it also maxes rep for other Khurite cities like Bakti, Moh Ki and Vadda

That enables you to PK and start a fight with anyone in the vicinity of those 2 cities without being banned from the cities due to low reputation. (You can even PK people in the Khurite tribes areas and jungle based on this)

You start the game with only 5 rep in each nation and that equals to 5 kills or 5 witnessed crimes. So you need to farm it up to 100% so you can safely kill a lot of people. That way you don’t need to worry about being kicked out of town.

Just keep track on your reputation by pressing C on keyboard and going over to statistics page on the right hand corner so you don’t end up going below 0 as getting back up from that point is extremely hard for a solo player and extremely monotonous for a guild player. (Because you will have to cover the entire continent with a parcel delivery, whereas MK to Toxai is the shortest parcel route in game)

Do not forget to enable criminal actions so you can be the 1st one to start PvP, in Settings, Gameplay.

Of course to actually win PvP you need to have decent character and player skill as well as equipment.

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