Mortificatio – How to Solve the Maze Puzzle and Map

This section of the game is probably the most complicating, most of the game has puzzles you can solve by looking at screenshots in other guides. But the maze isn’t so simple and requires some strategy and knowledge to beat. This guide will help you do it.

Guide to Solve the Maze Puzzle and Map

Walkthrough and Map

Ok when you first arrive in this area you will have a torch. But in order to see the switches and stones you will need to extinguish your flame to see them glowing.

From the entrance grab the first stone, then the path will open.

You will need to use both the torch to find your way through the maze, and the darkness to find the glowing stones and the parts to insert the stones.

At the end of the level you will need all 4 stones to open the exit door.

Its pretty simple I’m not gonna go through all steps. But the trick is to use the square stone to open a path, and then use a different stone (think its triangle but I could be mistaken) to open a new path back to the square stone. Once you retrieve all stones the starting path should be locked out but you will be able to move onto the exit door.

Also there is a special door that reveals a cube, you will need the circle stone to open it. This will get you an achievement so don’t forget it.

This game had good atmosphere and was pretty weird, so its worth completing I enjoyed it.

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