MultiVersus – Character Tier List

Tier List of Characters

How Does the Tier List Work?

  • S-Tier: Very strong, possible nerf on approach.
  • A-Tier: Well balanced, not too strong or too weak.
  • B-Tier: Slightly weaker, but still a good choice.
  • C-Tier: Can’t assert itself well at the moment.


  • S: Finn, Batman, Bugs Bunny, Superman.
  • A: Jake, Shaggy, Taz, Tom & Jerry, Arya Stark, Harley Quinn.
  • B: Garnet, Wondern Woman, LeBron, Giant from Space, Velma: C: Renhund, Steven Universe.


  • S: Finn, Batman, Bugs Bunny.
  • A: Harley Quinn, Tom & Jerry, Jake, Superman, Taz, Velma, Wonder Woman.
  • B: Arya Stark, Renhund, Steven Universe, Shaggy, LeBron: C: Garnet, Giant from space.
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