MultiVersus – How to Earn as Much Gold as Possible

Do you need more gold? Do you think it feels slow to earn gold? In this little guide I will show you a few tips to get a bit more.

Guide to Earn as Much Gold as Possible

Few Useful Tips

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Always try to play in a group cause you will earn more gold.

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Toss a coin to your witcher … Yeah you hear right you can “toast” a coin to the other players after every match as long as you have enough “toast”. But dont just toast everybody. If you play in a group talk to your mate and try to toast eachother! You get more gold because you get a toast back otherwise you toast randoms and maybe dont receive something back.

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Try to play with every fighter in the free rotation and everyone you bought. You can collect 100 gold with everyone you reach lvl. 5. Thats a good amount of gold for almost no afford.

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Do your quests and try to complete them.

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You will receive gold automatically through leveling things up (account level, season pass, fighters) so just play the game and have fun!

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