MultiVersus – How to Play Finn and Always Win

This is a guide on how to play as Finn the Human in MultiVersus and constantly get ringouts.

Guide to Play Finn

Description of how to win with Finn

This winning with Finn ability will combine his bag swing and lighter sword swing moves.


First hit your opponent with a upwards light sword swing.

  • Keyboard: W, LMB (default keybinds).
  • Controller: Left Joystick up, X (XBOX) Left Joystick up, Square (PlayStation) (default keybinds).

Then jump up

  • Keyboard: SPACE BTN (default keybinds)
  • Controller: A (XBOX) X (PlayStation) (default keybinds)

Now comes the bit that will piss your opponents off. Use Finns best Neutral Special the backpack swing.

  • Keyboard: W, RMB (default keybinds)
  • Controller: Left Joystick up, Y (XBOX) Left Joystick up, Triangle (PlayStation) (default keybinds)

This combo is especially effective when your opponent is high on damage (100+).

Also I can’t help if your versing a level 30 shaggy who’s cracked out of his mind sorry.

Written by DrSpringroll

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