Muse Dash – Hidden Achievement List

Here you can find all the hidden achievements of the new update.

List of Hidden Achievements

The Hidden


  • Hit the mascot character on the Enter screen more than 10 times in a row.

Give Up Treatment

  • Clear a Lv.4 or Lv.4+ stage without collecting red hearts.

Hands of God

  • Achieve 100% accuracy in a Lv 6 or Lv.6+ stage.

Is That OK?

  • Clear a stage without knocking back enemies.


  • Achieve grade “S” of Mujinku-Vacuum Track#ADD8E6 on hard or master mode.

One More Needed

  • Achieve only 1 “Miss” judgement in a Lv.7 or Lv7+ stage.


  • Achieve grade “Silver S” of Heart-Pounding Flight on hard mode.

THE [email protected]

  • Get all achievements.

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  1. it wont give me the one more needed i ve done lv 7 and 8’s with only one miss and it wont give it to me.I have the muse dash achievement for this but not the steam one.

  2. “Is That OK?: Clear a stage without knocking back enemies.”
    I’m having a hard time with this one. I tried 4 times, specifically with Bad Apple and it didn’t work. I tried not hitting the knockback enemies AT ALL (dodging them and letting them deal damage to me) and that didn’t work, then I tried hitting them only once each which still resulted in me taking damage but it still didn’t work. Can anyone explain in great detail what needs to be done for this achievement?

  3. There are some Hidden Achievements Missing:

    You Peak at It: Achieve grade “Silver S” in a Lv.7 or Lv.7+ stage

    Inner World: Play any hidden sheet (I suggest pressing 10times on the hard Icon from bad apple song, should unlock the 8* difficulty)

    Muse Master: Get all achievements except hidden ones

    THE [email protected]: Get all achievements

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