My Summer Car – Guide for New Players

Warning! There might be spoilers!

Newcomers Guide with Spoilers (“Walkthrough”)

Alright we gonna open up the boat exists across from your driveway on the dock. There it cuts down traveling.

You should go to the store first in town. Buy some ♥♥♥ alternator belt, one motor oil coolant and 3 brake fluid, and two things of two stoke fuel for the boat. You will need it also food buy a few pizzas and some sausages.

There’s a lake inlet find it and follow it. There’s a abandoned mansion.

Go in and go upstairs. Be very very careful. There are wasps and they will ♥♥♥ annihilate you. Stick to the sides of the attic and go to the big pillar. There are wheels behind it. Take the throw them out the window and bring them to the boat.

Then go home and build the car. Use a guide if you want.

If your phone rings answer it. It’s usually a job and you’ll need that.

You gotta pay the bills (literally). You will definitely have little money. Its worth.

If you get someone asking for wood go chop some. Its behind your house near the other house. Use the wood carrier it saves alot of time.

There’s a map literally above your phone. Once the calls picked up there should be a dart where you need to go again do every job you get until you have around 5000 mk (a stable amount of money for the time).

One thing you have to do is get your car inspected or you need to pay alot of money if you get caught without license plated.

The tractor for the wood job has a warning sign on it. Remove it and put it in the car once its finished.

Now go the the repair shop really close to the mansion from earlier park in the driveway and buy gobra tires on the manual inside.

The mechanic will give you his car drive home and just wait do some jobs and just chill you’ll get a call once the tires are changed.

Bring his car back. He will dump your car into a ditch which is painful to retrieve.

So once you’ve gotten back park the car in the driveway and drive your car into the town and go to the inspection office park your car on the lift. Pay for the inspection now. You can fail for a lot of reasons but my most common fail condition is emissions.

Don’t be alarmed. Its very easy to fix. You have a few things to do: go home and buy afr gauge from the manual. Bring the envelope to the store and put it in the yellow post box next to the entrance.

Go back home and basically wait like you did with the tires.

There is one job you can get at night that asks you to got to town and pick up some guy. Do it. The money can be randomized from 50 to 1000+ marks.

Once you don’t this 5 times you’ll get dialoge about a suitcase. Find it if you want or wait for a new job about moving but you’ll get the gauge by now.

So install it on the dashboard near the door. Make sure to wire the gauge. It won’t work otherwise.

Now it’ll tell you your emission ratio. Use the screwdriver on the carburator under the air thing (i forgot its name). Scroll it up or down depending on if its in the red or yellow. Get it to green and reinsert your car.

It should work. Make sure its running.

Thats about it. Use other things to help with other things but thats the basics from my experience in My Summer Car.

Written by Keven Idiot

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