My Time at Sandrock – Where to Find Platform Room (Eufula Ruins)

Are you confused where to go in the Eufula Ruins in the room with the platforms? Here’s a quick guide through!

Guide to Find Platform Room

Quick Intro

Apparently some people are struggling to get through the platform rooms in the Eufula ruins, unsure how to get to the next room. I provided a guide in a chat, but seems more people needed help, so decided to toss up a guide.

Getting Through the Platform Room

This is the first “room” with the platforms.

Head toward the opening to the second “room”:

Head toward the opening to the third”room” (note the platform right in front of me, that is where you are headed):

Fly up on top of the first platform in the “third” room (note the doorway you’re aiming for on the left):

Once on the platform, face the doorway:

Fly from the platform you are on to the platform in front of the doorway. Note, it will function as though a solid platform, do don’t worry about the holes on it:

You are now on the platform before the door (this is the one you cannot fly up onto without being on the other one first as I showed you). Note I am standing on air – as noted, it will function like a solid surface:

Walk or fly across the debris bridge between the platform and the doorway:

You are now at the doorway:

Break through with your pickhammer:

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